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LG Watch Urbane Luxe joins in the smartwatch fray

LG-Watch-Urbane-LuxeIs it me, or is the market for smartwatches getting more and more competitive, not to mention interesting? After all, there are already so many different models from various manufacturers to choose from, although the Apple Watch continues to remain the benchmark to beat for many people, since that would most probably be the most famous model in the market. Well, LG is no spring chicken either in the smartwatch industry, as they have come up with their fair share of wearable technology in the past, and this time around, they have come up with the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, where the name itself should give the game away that this is a premium limited edition smartwatch.

The LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a luxurious wearable that was specially designed with a specific wearer in mind, where it comes adorned in 23-karat gold and gorgeous alligator leather strap that has been set in an exclusive piano-gloss lacquer case. It will not be out right away, but rather, it will only be released at the end of next month. Of course, the asking price will certainly put off a lot of people, as it will cost around $1,200 a pop.

The LG Watch Urbane Luxe will come with a deployment clasp for a fitted, elegant look that will not bulk up, and it has been invented by Louis Cartier in 1910, which just goes to show how old genius, is still genius. As for the alligator band, it has been handcrafted at the highest level of craftsmanship, having undergone 50 separate steps in its creation, and handled lovingly by 30 experienced leather workers. The 23-karat gold that sees action in the LG Watch Urbane Luxe will be stronger and harder than the 24-karat gold that is found in jewelry, and heavier than the 18-karat gold used in traditional luxury watches.

There will only 500 units of this puppy, and each of them will come engraved with its own serial number. Talk about exclusivity!

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