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LG V20 is first smartphone with Quad DAC in the world

lgv20When it comes to innovation in the smartphone world, there are many different kinds of “firsts” that companies strive to achieve, as this will not only increase their stock in the market, it also presents them as a kind of forward looking and futuristic visionary. Well, LG has certainly done a pretty good job with its flagship LG G5 earlier this year, but this does not mean that they are unable to move forward with whispers of the LG V20 set to arrive next month. This will be the second flagship smartphone from LG for the year, where the LG V20 is said to be the first smartphone in the world that will boast of Quad DAC in order to deliver best-in-class audio.

This 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) capability embedded within the LG V20 would allow this handset to offer a superior audio experience to mobile devices for the very first time ever. A Quad DAC has the ability to deliver a crisp and clear sound which should be as close as possible to that of being there in a live performance, although there is one caveat — you would be best off when making use of compatible wired headphones. The sound will be superior to that produced by a traditional DAC, where it is said to reduce up to 50 percent of ambient noise levels.

Apart from that, if you were to use the LG V20 to shoot videos, it will be accompanied by a soundtrack that can capture the roaring sound of waves crashing on a beach or conversations among two individuals at a noisy party, it does not matter, as this Quad DAC is up to the task. The result of this unique chip is due to LG’s close working relationship with ESS Technology, a leader in high-performance analog and audio devices, and with cameras getting more and more professional on a smartphone, the next frontier would obviously be upping the ante in the audio department. With Quad DAC in the LG V20, it would feel as though you were toting a professional home-audio system in your pocket. We just have to sit tight and wait for the LG V20 to be revealed officially worldwide.

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