LG unveils 1900R LCD Monitor

lg-1900r.jpgWould you pick up a LCD monitor that comes in an unconventional design, or would you rather play it safe and stick to boring old form factors as those found in the current market? LG decided to inject some life into the LCD display arena with the new 1900R LCD monitor that features a unique black and red design which comes with a hole inside. The hole is not there for your pet hamster to jump through, but actually has a technological purpose instead. LG claims that “the red light will come on in a clockwise direction whenever you turn on the light”, whatever that means.

Other than the apparently neat but useless feature, the LG 1900R LCD monitor features a high contrast ratio of 2000 to 1, giving you one of the best image qualities available in the world for a display in its class. In order to punctuate its ability, LG claims that the company’s patented Flatron technology makes colors literally jump off the screen.

Self-proclaimed as the world’s slimmest monitor, the LG 1900R features a 4ms response time which makes it suitable for both movies and fast-paced games alike, a brightness level of 300 cd/㎡, a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024, and a generous viewing angle of 170 degrees. You can choose to use analog or digital inputs, depending on the type of device it is communicating with. The LG 1900R measures 417mm x 432mm x 114mm and weighs 6.3kg, which is just about right as with other 19” LCD displays.

Source: Chip Chick