LG unleashes full HD LED LCD HDTV


When LCD TVs first hit the market, we were bowled over by their apparent slimness compared to what we see in our living rooms dominated by fat, chunky CRTs. Well, times have definitely changed (for the better) as CRTs have been phased out since then, and LCD TVs are the de facto standard when it comes to your living room viewing experience. LG ups the ante further with their latest release of a full HD LED LCD HDTV which is more or less as thin as it gets, bearing the image of a single sheet of glass. Making a splash at CEDIA 2009, the new SL90 series of HDTVs from LG will come in 42″ and 47″ sizes, where they both will feature LED lighting and other stunning display technologies.

LG employs a single-layer design and a narrow bezel in order to develop a visually stunning set, where the main target is to maximize the viewing experience while increasing the market value of your home by a notch as whoever drops by for a visit will definitely note the good taste you have in furnishing your pad with nothing but the very best. A special film lamination technology is used for better color tuning, gradation and reduction of glare, where it is all squeezed into a sleek, minimalist package. The flat surface is achieved by the lamination process, where it virtually does away with the visible line between the screen and the bezel whenever no power is supplied to the set.

Sporting a maximum depth of just 1.5″, LG’s SL90 series’ usage of the LED LCD screen will produce an extremely high dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 that results in ever truer blacks (this is where the philosophical question of whether truth is relative or not can be answered) and finer gradations between grays. Apart from that, the film lamination process adds anti-glare properties to the screen by reducing distracting reflections so that anyone who views it will always enjoy a cinema-quality experience. LG will release the 42″ and 47″ models later this Fall for $2,099 and $2,599, respectively.

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