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LG TONE Studio and LG TONE Free ready to rock at CES 2017

lg-tone-freeWhen it comes to headphones and earphones, there are many different models from which one will be able to choose from. The thing is, you might wonder whether a particular model suits you or not. Perhaps you have had some experience with LG’s TONE Active in the past, and have decided to settle for whatever LG headphones that roll out in the future. You’re in luck then, as the LG TONE Studio and LG TONE Free are set to debut at CES 2017 that is kicking off early next month.

Both of these happen to be the latest TONE wearables from the South Korean consumer electronics giant LG, and regardless of the model that you choose, they will bring with them the wonders of personal surround sound as well as hassle-free wireless charging capability.

First of all, the LG TONE Studio that carries the model number HBS-W120 is a personal wearable speaker that boasts of a quartet of speakers. Two of these will be full range on the top, while the other two would be vibrating on the bottom. This will result in a personal surround sound experience under different circumstances, such as when watching a movie, playing a video game or streaming music of your choice. There is also a Hi-Fi DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) which will further enhance sound quality as it recreates audio content in an accurate manner. Dual Play capability allows you to hook up a couple of LG TONE Studio wearable speakers, too.

As for the LG TONE Free with model name HBS-F110, this happens to be LG’s first wireless stereo product that will sport wireless earbuds. These wireless earbuds will juice up each time they are stashed into the neckband, making them a snap to tote around and are always at the ready to serve your musical whims and fancies.

There is no word on pricing details as at press time, but we think it will be revealed early next month.

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