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LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset has phenomenal battery life

lg-tone-proA pair of headphones is considered by many to be an essential accessory to have these days, and this is not surprising at all. After all, many of us make use of our smartphones as some sort of portable media player — and hence, a good quality brand would go a long way in helping you to appreciate the kind of music that the artists in your playlist has painstakingly crafted and created. LG knows this, which is why they have come up with the spanking new LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset.

The LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset boasts of a totally new sleek design that sports hidden magnetic earbuds. It will be accompanied by Advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology that purportedly delivers better sound quality as you enjoy your favorite tunes on it. The Advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology delivers well-balanced sound regardless of the band, and to cap it all off, the LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset comes with a phenomenal battery life — at least where wireless headphones are concerned, offering up to half a day of playback time on a single, full charge.

Just in case you happen to need to attend to a phone call at that particular point in time, you can always take advantage of the Dual MEMS Microphones that are incorporated within, ensuring that all of your conversations are crystal clear without missing a beat.

It will also feature the legacy TONE tangle free earbuds that are magnetic, offering a fantastic fit regardless of your ear shape and size, while its contoured, around-the-neck-wearing style makes sure that your music and phone calls are able to follow you wherever you are. Those who are interested will be able to pick up this bad boy in super sleek black, red and white shades from Verizon stores for $69.99 a pop. AT&T, Target and Walmart stores will also carry the LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset in black, gold, metallic blue and white colors.

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