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LG Tone Infinim headset ready to usher in 2016

lg-tone-infinim-2016When it comes to a pair of headphones or a headset, you can be sure that consumer electronics conglomerate LG from South Korea has its fair share of models to choose from – as they have rolled out a number of such devices in the past, where among them include the LG Tone Active. Well, this time around we have the LG Tone Infinim that has just received an update, making it more than ready to face the coming year head on without missing a beat – pun not intended. CES 2016 will be the platform where LG unveils their latest LG Tone Infinim headset, as it carries the model number HBS-910. This will be an around-the-neck wireless headset that will boast of a more contemporary design, delivers superior audio quality and enhanced consumer convenience. Expect it to hit those living in the US in February next year, where key markets in Asia and Europe to follow soon after.

What can we expect to find underneath the hood of the upcoming LG Tone Infinim? For starters, it will be an upgraded successor of the popular HBS-900, as it comes with its predecessor’s main strengths such as the wire retractable function and Harmon/Kardon audio quality, and you will also find that the metallic body will be extremely pleasing to your eyes, not to mention boasting of a long-lasting battery that ought to keep you occupied for hours on end. Not only that, there is also an upgraded Quad-Layer Speaker Technology, letting the new Tone Infinim deliver a premium audio experience with better balance across all sound ranges and enhances the frequency response ratio for richer bass and crisper high notes.

It does not matter if you happen to be in a noisy environment such as crowded subways or city streets, these are no obstacles for the new Tone Infinim to perform, thanks to its new dual cancelling microphones, in addition to having the updated free Tone & Talk Android app that will boast of Voice Memo and Find Me features – new features so that one can record one’s own voice notes and help locate misplaced smartphones. Pricing details remain to be determined as at press time.

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