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LG team up with Mercedes-Benz to deliver intelligent camera system

lg-mbVideo cameras in cars to record your journey are nothing new, this is for sure, but what if the idea could be taken to a whole new level? South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has stepped forward with Mercedes-Benz, where both of them are working on a brand new intelligent camera system that will do its bit in advancing the world of automated driving forward – perhaps by leaps and bounds, who knows? This particular design of next-generation camera systems for automated driving would enable the driver to transfer several driving tasks over to the intelligent vehicle.

This particular collaboration would look into camera systems for environment perception, not to mention driver state monitoring to boot. In order to help out in this collaboration, the folks over at Mercedes-Benz have decided to license portions of its 6D Vision technology to LG.

This particular joint project will allow LG to make use of their extensive experience and comprehensive R&D capacity in camera systems, computer vision algorithms and electronics technologies in order to bring current ADAS technologies to the next level down the road. Apart from that, LG also intends to transfer technologies from its home entertainment and mobile communications businesses all the way to automotive components, so that they can offer the best technologies and the highest performance.

Some of LG’s ADAS portfolio would include forward-looking Single and Stereo Camera Systems for Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), High Beam Assist (HBA) as well as Pedestrian and Bicyclist Protection. Apart from that, Driver State Monitoring Systems would be able to help identify the driver’s biometric state, monitor and analyze the driver’s attention or drowsiness level, all the while detecting the driver’s eyes position with high accuracy. In addition, Surround View Monitoring Systems would assist the driver with parking maneuvers through the display of environment and detecting obstacles. It would be nice to see all of these get incorporated in due time, better sooner rather than later!

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