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LG SJ9 sound bar offers a stunning performance with an equally great look

lg-sj9LG Electronics USA knwos that the home theater scene is a very different today compard to just a couple of decades ago. Back then, having stereo was great, and surround sound was better, but that’s about it. The number of speakers in your home audio system works this way: the more, the merrier. Not so with LG’s latest foray into the world of home entertainment, having launched the LG SJ9 sound bar. This is an audio innovation that will deliver Dolby Atmos as well as High Resolution Audio to your home theaters while blending in well with the rest of the decor.

The all new LG SJ9 5.1.2 channel High Res Audio sound bar with Dolby Atmos will rely on emerging technologies that maximize compatibility with premium LG TVs (nwo that is a given), offering an enhanced home theater experience complete with surround sound capabilities. Boasting of 5.1.2 channels of high resolution audio, the LG SJ9 is no pushover, delivering a superior home cinema audio experience thanks to the wonders of Dolby Atmos technology.

In order to ensure that powerful and textured sound will reach the viewers’ ears, this beautifully crafted sound bar will feature multiple cutting-edge speakers. Among these include a pair of powerful up-firing speakers that result in a highly immersive soundfield, allowing the listener to enjoy all of the audio objects which have been faithfully reproduced in a Dolby Atmos mix regardless of the angle.

Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio, which means it can be placed anywhere you like within a three-dimensional space. This can be overhead for realistic and breathtaking sound, and will also be independent of left and right channels, ensuring that each sound comes from its designated location. Other features include a Hi-Fi DAC that authentically processes sounds the way they were originally recorded in the studio. It will come with a rather hefty price tag though, but that is what you get for a premium of $899.99 — quality performance that does not compromise your listening pleasure.

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