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LG Pocket Photo debuts in the UK

If you happen to live in the UK, you might want to make a beeline to The Gadget Show Live 2013, as that is where the LG Pocket Photo would make its debut across the pond, allowing consumers to have an alternative when it comes to a creative mobile photo printing experience. The LG Pocket Photo is a mobile printer as you can tell by its name, where it is touted to deliver high quality photo prints without having to be bogged down by wires and other kinds of nasty cables, hence making it the ideal companion for Android powered as well as iOS powered smartphones. After all, are we not an extremely visual tribe these days, capturing just about anything and everything on our smartphones with a mountain of data to clean up afterwards?

In order to get started with the LG Pocket Photo, all you need to do is download the LG Pocket Photo app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and you are good to go after installation. Once you have performed the relevant kind of image edits on the captured photo from the device itself, or even embedded a QR code of your choice, go ahead and print it out, and your eyes will be pleasantly surprised by the kind of results that you see.

Not only that, you are also able to share photos on social media platforms as well as taking the more direct online route, straight from the LG Pocket Photo itself. Just what kind of wireless bridge does the LG Pocket Photo use to communicate with your mobile devices? Well, I see that it will most probably fall back on Bluetooth connectivity to get the job done, and for those with more advanced handsets, there is also Near Field Communication (NFC) thrown into the mix for easy, one-touch printing. You won’t have to worry about expensive and potentially messy ink cartridges with the LG Pocket Photo though, as it makes use of inkless printing technology from ZINK.