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LG Philips Develop 100 Inch Plasma TV

The team at are pleased to pass their congratulations to LG Philips for developing the world’s largest LCD television panel – with a whopping 100 inch panel.

There’s just one problem we can see though. We’d have to move the couch into the kitchen to fit this TV into our living room. In fact with a price tag of $100,000 dollars, we’d have to sell the couch, and most of the kitchen, to make the first down payment.

Would any of you guys buy one of these monsters?

Seriously though, LG Philips have created the giant crystal display to publicise the launch of their new 100 inch substrate technology.

The television itself is 2.2 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. It has a screen resolution equivalent to 6.22 million pixels, and can switch between black and white displays in around 5 milliseconds, which is double the speed of the existing LCD technology. It works great with any media stream devices or even with your digital outdoor antenna.

The television is a concept design, and is unlikely to be available in the shops any time soon. The coup for LG Philips is the size of the substrate used to make the panel display, which at 100 inches is 1.5 times larger than the competition at present, and similar in size to the existing plasma display screens, which are a competing technology to LCD panels.

8 thoughts on “LG Philips Develop 100 Inch Plasma TV”

  1. That bit about selling the sofa and kitche was very funny it made me laugh, people have laughed about LG in the past but i bet they are not laughing now with a big name like Philips linked with them and this 100 inch plasma is just awesome, keep up this great reviews

  2. Hi,
    thanks for the comments!

    I was going to write something about knocking down the kitchen wall too, but I didn’t want to exaggerate..haha

    It is a monster though!

  3. You joke about that, but Harrods actually have one of these for sale!!!! And they tell you take into account that they might have to take the roof off your house or take an external wall down to place it in your home lol

  4. I have a bigger, higher quality image already and for about $1000 bucks. It’s called a SONY VPH G70 front projector and these days anyone can buy one (or similar 8″ CRT projector)

    These projectors used to cost upwards of $30,000 but can be found for a few hundred today. These are not plug and play devices and do have a major learning curve to properly setup or you can higher a professional ISF trained installer for around $1000 or so and for under $2000 you can have an image that is bigger and better than this $100,000 TV.
    Of course you’ll have to turn off your lights to watch it but who in their right mind is going to watch movies or TV in the middle of the day and who wants to watch a movie on a 100″ screen with lights on? Hopefully you’re days are worth more than that. Movie’s are for night time and Television is for dopes. You would do better for your brain if you watched bread rise.

  5. Hi, I would like to buy 100 inch TV for my company. So, could you please tell me from where I can buy this in DOHA, QATAR? Please mail me soon about your dealer in Doha.

    Thanks alot

  6. i only looked up that size of tv for a joke and was surprised to see such a monster tv but not a scary monster one i would like too take home

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