LG GGW-H10N HD Blu-ray writer

As well as announcing the world’s first multi standard high definition DVD player today, LG have also pulled off another world first by putting the same technology into a PC optical drive.

The GGW-H10N can read both high def DVD formats, DVD and CD, and wite to blu-ray offering up to 50GB of storage using dual layer media. What the press release doesn’t make clear, and what I forgot to ask (Doh!), is whether it will also read and write the more mundane CD and DVD formats we’re used to today.

edit: I’ve just taken a closer look at all the logos on the front of the thing and looking at those it does seem to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it!

It’ll be the same price as the standalone player ($1200) and should be available in Q1 2007.

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