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LG and ‘FaZe Clan’ collaborate to deliver new high-performance LG monitor

lg-faze-ultrawide-gaming-monitorWhen it comes to competitive gaming, the stakes are high. Gamers would like nothing better than to have the very best in terms of hardware, having every single bit and piece specially optimized in order to ensure that everything works in a clockwork manner. LG of South Korea has stepped up to the plate this time around, having collaborated with ‘FaZe Clan’ so that gamers will be able to gain an edge on the competition courtesy of a brand new high performance LG monitor.

This all new 21:9 LG gaming monitor is able to deliver immersive clarity and seamless motion graphics in order to provide a superior gaming experience that cannot be found anywhere else. To deliver such an offering with FaZe Clan, a globally recognized gaming team, is certainly something worth thinking over if you have longed for a totally new gaming monitor to up your game. This 34-inch 21:9 UltraWide curved display is a beast of a performer, carrying the 34UC89G model name that features speedy refresh rates and advanced motion processing.

Being a high performance monitor, the LG 34UC89G will arrive with a 21:9 aspect ratio which will significantly expand overall screen real estate. Not only that, your eyeballs will be treated to Quad HD resolution (3440 x 1440 pixels) that ensure intense clarity, while LG’s proprietary picture enhancing IPS display technology promises to deliver accurate color reproduction alongside limited screen tear, even at wide viewing angles. Not only that, it also boasts of a 144Hz refresh rate and comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC support, an advanced display technology which synchronizes refresh rates to the general processing unit that lies within GeForce GTX-powered PCs. This will help get rid of screen tearing while minimizing stutter and input lag, guaranteeing a smoother, faster gaming experience.

So far, pricing details have yet to be determined, but it is shaping up to be quite the standard for gaming monitors in the market.

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