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LG Electronics digital signage monitors


LG Electronics has dipped their fingers into the interactive advertising market by targeting both the hospitality and lodging industries with their special LCD HDTV monitors that are touted to enhance just about any kind of environment. After all, with buildings getting larger and larger each time in an effort by corporations and countries to outdo one another, finding your way around can be quite the tedious task. LG Electronics’ model M4714T not only offers enhanced customer service but also modernize hospitality spaces, while their range of slim stretch screens (going by model numbers M3800S-BN and M2900S-BN) which are around half the height of a traditional monitor, commercial settings including hotel gift shops and restaurants are able to take advantage of digital signage by maximizing the amount of space available, even if it is a tight fit.

LG’s digital signage products will incorporate wayfinding technologies that assist guests in finding their way around the hotel, making it a whole lot more convenient and easier to map out a day trip, locate the business center or simply look for a place where one can enjoy al fresco dining with a nice cup of coffee afterwards. LG’s 47″ touch-screen HDTV model (M4714T) offers a new level of sophistication to wayfinding, and is definitely at home when it comes to lodging and hospitality atmospheres. The inclusion of 3M Dispersive Signal Touch (DST) integrated technology will enable a speedier screen response time, offering a higher degree of accuracy in an interactive manner. The Full HD 1080p native display resolution makes room for crisp, clear content, while ultra-high brightness levels add color and brings content to life. With a narrow 36mm bezel, this model ought to blend into just about any setting unobstrusively.

LG has ensured that their LCD computer monitors are eco-friendly as well, being Energy Star compliant while incorporating power-saving levels and intuitive technologies. If you’re a building manager and want to enhance your surroundings to make it a more pleasant experience, you can’t really go wrong with these offerings from LG.

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