LG Electronics has Anti-Mosquito air conditioner

Anti-Mosquito air conditioner

We all know that an air conditioner has one main reason – to keep you as well as your family nice and cool during the summer, or whenever you start to feel too hot. Not only that, for those of us living in tropical climates, a portable AC comes in handy during the rainy days where clothes are pretty difficult to dry naturally, so hanging them outside of the air conditioner unit’s compressor does the trick. And since you have your air conditioner turned on, it goes without saying you would have closed all the doors and windows so that it needs not work too hard and consume more electricity, and indirectly reduces the number of mosquitoes in the vicinity. Well, LG might be on to something here with their latest and most advanced residential air conditioner (RAC) that relies on ultrasonic wave technology which will help repel mosquitoes.

LG’s “Anti-Mosquito” air conditioner has proven itself in tests conducted in a Peet Grady chamber, where it is said to be able to deter on average 64% of malaria-transmitting female Anopheles mosquitoes within 24 hours, and achieved an overall rating of 82%. Not only does this offer you greater peace of mind, the LG Anti-Mosquito air conditioner will also carry with it all the other advantages found in LG’s AC technologies, meaning you get to enjoy powerful cooling and superb reliability even under extreme operating temperatures.

Jun-hwa Jeong, General Manager of Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions at LG Electronics, said, “In Nigeria, as well as in a number of other African countries, malaria continues to be a prevalent threat. LG takes great pride in tailoring products and technologies to the specific needs of consumers. By matching technologies directly to these region-specific challenges, we can create real solutions that will help bring about profound and meaningful changes to consumers. The Anti-Mosquito air conditioner is a great example of our commitment to improving both health security and the quality of life in Africa by applying technological innovations in intelligent ways.”