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LG goes the Dyson way with the CordZero vacuum cleaner

lg-cordzeroWhen it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are many different kinds of models to choose from. While many of us are familiar with the astromech droid design that tends to offer a whole lot more suction power at the price of being cumbersome, there are the cordless vacuum cleaners that can be manned by you (like those offered by Dyson), or the automated ones that go about with their jobs on their own. LG intends to wow the masses this coming CES with the LG CordZero cordless vacuum cleaner. Pretty obvious through its name, don’t you think so?

The LG CordZero intends to deliver an effortless cleaning effort by boasting of a new stick as well as canister form factor, delivering both powerful suction capability in a display of ingenuity and smart technology, all rolled into one. The lack of a power cord would mean you are free to make use of the LG CordZero just about anywhere in your home without being limited by the length of the power cable. It will also aid the overall cleaning time thanks to its powerful suction with the ability to offer flexible storage, thanks to the presence of a wall-mounted and self-standing charger.

The cleaning power is enhanced courtesy of the Smart Inverter Motor which can spin 16 times faster compared to an airplane engine, allowing the 3D turbo fan to generate powerful airflow, LG’s vacuum generates powerful suction (140AW) can offer unparalleled results in tests, and the proprietary motor technology is solidly backed by a 10-year warranty. It can offer a superior clean on both carpet and hard floors, and the Axial Turbo Cyclone which is generated by the Smart Inverter Motor will form powerful whirlwinds which can capture fine dust more effectively. There is also an advanced five-step filtration system which makes use of a HEPA 13 Filter that will further reduce the population of dust bunnies in your home to near extinction levels.

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