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LG delivers slew of new portable Bluetooth speakers

lg-portable-bt-speakersOur smartphones are a whole lot more than just communication tools these days, as they tend to be our personal organizers, not to mention our timekeeper, portable media player that carries both music and videos, in addition to our social networking hub. Well, if you simply cannot live without good music, and would like to share your eclectic tastes with others, LG has just the thing for you with its new range of portable Bluetooth speakers that have been specially designed for use at home or while you are on the move.

These new LG Bluetooth speakers will bring together versatility in addition to premium sound for an enhanced listening experience regardless of where you are. They have been specially equipped with cutting-edge features while boasting of sleek, innovative designs. The new LG portable Bluetooth speakers will be known as models PH2, PH3 and PH4, where they function as versatile audio solutions regardless of the listener type. Everyone from audiophiles to casual listeners who need portability to match their active lifestyle will be able to find something that is right up their alley.

Those who are on the lookout for portability and durability as the main selling points can settle for the PH2 and PH4 Bluetooth speakers. Tipping the scales at less than half a pound, the resilient, splash proof and compact 2.5-watt PH2 (3.8 in x 1.5 in) has been specially designed to bring high-quality audio with a rich, deep bass so that even the most active users will be more than happy with the audio that pumps out from it. A sturdy connected strap will make it easy to attach it to a range of surfaces or to carry with you on the go, while it does offer subtle lighting for a unique, sophisticated style.

As for the 16-watt PH4 (2.5 in x 3.1 in) which is a wee bit larger, it delivers complex, powerful and rich sound, which makes it ideal for outdoor gatherings like camp-outs or barbecues, or simply to have it laze around the house. There is 360-degree sound and a rich, deep bass that is provided by dual passive radiators, while its compact, sleek form factor and a connected strap makes it a snap to tote around. Not only that, it has a water resistant design that makes it durable enough to withstand splashes of water or sweat.

Expect these new LG portable Bluetooth speakers to launch later this fall, although there is no word on pricing just yet.

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