Levitron Revolution

levitronrevolutionHave you ever had something in your place that you wanted levitated? Me neither. In all honesty, I would prefer having the ability to levitate things at will using The Force, but hey, I live in a real world.

However, I suppose I could have the next best thing with the Levitron Revolution. All I would have to do is place my favorite object on this platform that represents “years of development and breakthroughs in maglev technology”, and my item will be spinning with an illuminated base for as long as I have power.

Yeah, that could be a problem when the power goes out, and whatever is on the Levitron Revolution will levitate like a rock. You might not want to put anything made of glass on this.

Of course, the object has to weigh less than four ounces in order for it to work, so that is another limitation. I suppose the model shuttle from the photo is much lighter than it looks. I suppose you could use a globe or something very light.

Well, I guess you can see the value of this item, but I don’t see any word on the price or availability. What exactly is the price for floating, spinning goodness? Leave me a comment if you know for sure.


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