The Levitating Light Saber Fountain Pen will run your bank account dry

Limited Edition Jedi Master Yoda Light Saber Fountain Pen

Yes, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a huge deal right now. The movie was great all tiny arguments about it aside, and now we’re all scrambling to deck out our places with Star Wars gear. Our nostalgia is in full swing, because we’re living in a time where there are more Star Wars movies coming out, and we all have to prove our geek cred. Some of us go the simpler route by having small nods to the beloved franchise, and others want to be blatant by having logos, figures, characters, and posters┬áplastered everywhere.

If you have the money to go all out with your fanaticism, then why not get something that no one else is likely to have? This Levitating Light Saber Fountain Pen fits in with being a bit more subtle, as anyone who comes into your office not knowing what a light saber is will not immediately be beat over the head with the fact that it’s from Star Wars. However, this fountain pen based on Jedi Master Yoda’s light saber is no small trinket.

This pen has a 2 carat green topaz, uses a magnetic stand that levitates, and only 8 of these have been made. The barrel, cap, and clip are made of bronze with a black laquer, palladium and rhodium. Say goodbye to your bank account if you want one of these haute couture pens though, as it will cost you roughly $24,724 to get one. There is also a Darth Vader version of similar price, as well as some impressive Tie-Fighter and X-Wing Fountain Pens.

Available for purchase on wheelersluxurygifts