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Levitating Lamp adds a dash of cool to your room

levitating-lampA lamp is something that just about every home ought to have – after all, you can never quite tell just when you would want to light up a mere portion of your room instead of the entire place, especially when it is late at night and you do not want to disturb the rest of the people living under the same roof as you. Well, since not all lamps are created equal, how about taking the initiative to be truly unique in your home decor with the $149.95 Levitating Lamp?

The Levitating Lamp happens to be a lamp that sports a rotating shade which apparently “floats” in mid-air right above its base, making us wonder whether it relies on technology that can be found in the Magnetic Levitation Ornament which we have seen in the past. This is a rather disconcerting desk lamp which creates a physics-defying gap between the base and shade, and is guaranteed to perplex guests at first glance – while keeping the owner amused, of course, as he or she alone knows what the secret behind the Levitating Lamp is. There is a magnet carefully located within the lampshade, and will be repelled by electromagnetic coils in the lamp’s base, where a powerful opposing force would then result in the shade levitating.