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This Levitating Globe might actually make you interested in looking at a world map

C-Shape Magnetic Levitation Globe

When you’re finally getting settled into a new job or apartment, you start trying to make the space more noticeably “yours”. We do this by getting things that fit our aesthetic and placing them around our work or home spaces in a way that obviously lets any passerby or guest know that this is your spot. If you’re in the market for some new baubles for your desk or living room, there are more than enough options out there to choose from.

If you haven’t quite found the right item for you, then maybe this Levitating Globe would be of interest. This is a C-shaped LED light that comes with a globe showing a world map in brushed silver over glossy black. You will need to place the globe carefully the first time you’re setting it up as it will need to be perfectly balanced to float, but that should be the only time you need to worry about it.

You will need to plug this into an outlet rather than put in batteries or recharge it regularly. When turning it off, you’ll want to let it attach to the top when unplugging so there’s no chance of it falling and rolling off. Since magnets are keeping it in place, it should stay still so long as no strong force comes barreling into it. This will cost you $31.50, and would likely make for a good night light or some ambiance lighting.

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