Levitating Balls – Sports Balls, of course!

Floating GolfballHere’s a new levitating deco gadget. Instead of the usual Earth globes or other planets, this one’s more mundane. Actually, it’s quite a nice present for any sports buff.

Whether it’s that snobby boss of yours, or your kid you’re pitching to on Saturday morning, you’ll find one for any of them.

There’s a golf ball floating above a mini pitch, and a baseball that levitates above a base.

Click on for some bigger pictures and for the little extra info you need to know about these.

For each of them, the stand is 6 ¾ inches (17.1cm) tall, just so you can figure out where you could place one in your house or cubicle.

They will take up a power outlet, as well, as the levitation is ‘computer controlled’. A 120V adapter is included.

This ‘Computer system’ allows you to set the ball to spin at a chosen rpm. They come at $29.95 each.

the floating balls

Hurry up if you like them, the stock is decreasing as I write this post. Here are the product pages for the Golf ball and for the Base Ball.

Just make sure you don’t use them for the actual sports they’re depicting.. There’s bound to be some metal inside, and it would definitely be unhealthy.

Via GeekAlerts.

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