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The Lettermate will help make your holiday letters more legible


It’s that time of year where we send out a million Christmas cards to every person we’ve ever met. We have our theme picked out, and after having written dozens of heart-warming letters, it’s time to pack them up, put on a stamp and send them on their merry way. Of course, at this point your wrist is about ready to give out, and if you aren’t too good at writing in a straight line, then the people at the post office are going to have a hard time determining where your letter is supposed to go.

If you need a little help in making sure that your card states clearly and succinctly where it’s wanting to end up, the Lettermate is here to help. It works similarly to a stencil in that you are forced to stay inside the lines, but acts more as a guide. Not being able to write in a straight line is certainly nothing to be embarrassed over, but you can’t help what bugs you.

This 5×4” guide is sure to work with almost any type of envelope, and should you get ink on the plastic, it should be fairly easy to clean off. There is a ruler at the bottom, and lines to help you judge where you should start and end things. This will only cost you $14.95, which isn’t bad if this is really something you struggle with. Otherwise it’s a tad pricey to just make your writing a little bit more straight on an envelope.

Available for purchase on thelettermate, found via redferret

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