Let your kids create their very own stop motion movies

Marvel Ani-Movie Stop Motion Movie Maker
Getting a kid interested in technology at an early age is a good thing, after all, he/she is going to be immersed in it for their entire life. You might as well give them a bit of a headstart, and I don’t mean getting them a cell phone at age 6. I’m thinking more along the lines of the Marvel branded Ani-Movie Stop Motion Movie Maker– it shows your child how to make the most basic of movies and helps them develop some creativity (and patience!)

While you, the full grown adult with some sort of education, might be able to make a stop motion movie by yourself on your uber powerful computer, a 8 year old kid might not have those skills just yet. That’s where this thing comes in, as it has 4 interchangeable Marvel backgrounds and another 4 Marvel characters (Spiderman, Hulk, Green Goblin, and Dr. Doom), which are hinged for easy posing. This allows your kid to easily arrange his set, and, frame by frame, piece together his movie. Once the masterpiece has been finished, you can play it back on your TV using the paltry on-board memory or put your movie onto a SD card and then put it on your computer, video player or a DVD in order to preserve it forever.

The Marvel Ani-Movie Stop Motion Movie Maker is available for a reasonable, even with the pathetic memory allocation, $50. If your kid is creative and has the patience to piece together a short movie frame by frame, well, then this is it!

Product Page – [via OhGizmo!]