Let your fingers do the dancing

ddr-finger-mat.jpgYou know how people loved the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) craze many years ago? Arcades that carried this rhythm-based game were packed to the nines, and some folk even discovered their innate ability to take on two DDR dance pads all by themselves, as if they were the spawn of Kraken itself. Here’s a device that will definitely take your mind off stress at work, offering a brief respite from those Monday morning blues by letting your fingers do the dancing instead. The USB Finger Dance Mat has been shrunk to a size smaller than your mousepad, and it comes with a finger puppet for a more authentic Saturday Night Fever experience at your desktop.

How does the USB Finger Dance Mat work? All you need to do is plug it in, and lights on the dance mat itself will light up at random, where your fingers are supposed to follow suit. As with any other game, the challenge level is increased with time as the flashing lights will increase in speed, leaving you breathless with a hand full of tangled fingers. It would be interesting if this toy was compatible with the actual games from the DDR series itself. Imagine grooving to those classic tunes – now that’d be a sight in any cubicle!

I wonder pianists as well as guitarists are any good at this game. It remains to be seen just how fast the lights on the USB Finger Dance Mat can go as you progress, but let’s just hope they don’t result in a finger sprain that leaves you in a difficult position of explaining your situation to your immediate boss. After all, you shouldn’t even be taking time off pursuing the career of a finger dance while on the job, do you? Nevertheless, those who are interested in picking up the USB Finger Dance Mat for their own enjoyment or as a gift to a colleague will be able to do so for £9.99. It is currently out of stock, but that situation will be remedied in mid-April.

Source: Game Addicts