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Lenovo YOGA 900 delivers a stunning hybrid notebook performance

lenovo-yoga-900When it comes to the world of notebooks, you can be sure that the name Lenovo inspires plenty of confidence along the way – although one will need to bear in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect device or computer brand, as there are bound to be some bad apples in a particular batch which might deliver a less than satisfactory performance. Well, Lenovo more or less pioneered to YOGA series of laptops that are able to work in offer different functions in various “modes” – and the YOGA 900 is yet another model that will up the ante – not only in terms of performance, but design as well.

After all, the Lenovo YOGA 900 marks world’s thinnest Intel Core i convertible laptop and features an enhanced watchband hinge. This is a brand new Windows 10 machine that will be perfect for those who need to get their work done while they are on the move, and despite the fact that it is rather thin in nature, making it lightweight in the process, it is also more powerful than ever before. Being able to feature up to Intel’s latest 6th gen Core i7 processor, the new Lenovo YOGA 900 measures 14.9mm thin and tips the scales at 1.29 kg.

It has the flexibility of four usage modes (laptop, stand, tent, tablet), letting users work, watch or play in a range of scenarios. The watchband hinge is made of more than 800 intricately woven, individual pieces, where it delivers a noticeably smoother rotation so that users can flip and fold their YOGA 900 easily into different modes. Apart from that, it possesses of 50% greater battery density as opposed to the previous generation, letting it achieve up to nine hours of local video playback.

There is a 13.3” QHD+ (3200×1800) IPS Display which will surely make your eyes widen in wonder as you look at the lifelike visuals, while your ears will definitely dance along to the device’s JBL stereo speakers and Dolby Audio Premium, as you escape into a home-theater quality experience virtually anywhere. Underneath the hood, you will find a Samsung Solid State Drive and greater memory capacity of to 16GB, and despite being so thin, the cooling system is improved by 30%, courtesy of its distinct thermal solution and uniquely designed vent structure. The Lenovo YOGA 900 will be priced from $1,199.99 onward as it arrives in orange, platinum silver and champagne gold shades.

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