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The Lekue Cooker makes pasta in the microwave without creating a mess

Pasta cooker

The more responsibilities you take on, the less time you have to deal with day-to-day tasks. Cleaning the house is relegated to a Roomba, your home energy saving system keeps track of adjusting the temperature, and meals are usually bought on the run. Cooking a full meal takes time at the grocery, unpacking and sorting everything at home, preparation, waiting for everything to cook, and cleaning up afterward.

If you are a pasta fanatic, but don’t like having to clean pots and pans, then this Lekue Pasta Cooker will help you out. It is made of plastic and platinum silicone, which means it can be tossed in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with it. Making your pasta in the microwave is far easier than cooking it on the stove, as you only need to follow the directions on the pasta box. You won’t need to boil water and then start the cooking process, as you only need to punch in the exact number it specifies.

The white bowl portion will hold your pasta and the water, while the orange top will keep it from boiling over, and can be flipped so you can drain out the water after the pasta is finished cooking. Since the cooking and draining take place in the same container, you don’t need to pull out a colander. This is going going to cost you around $19, and as it can cook up to a half pound of pasta, it should be enough to make dinner for the whole family.

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