See Legos come to life with OASIS

Okay, this is about the neatest thing that you will see on Black Friday. Intel has been working on a system called OASIS (Object Aware Situated Interaction System) that combines projections with Lego.

This system uses cameras that can detect both objects and depth. As a result, it knows where the Lego toys are, and can even add a little bit of special effects with the practical application of some projectors.

I have a video of this OASIS in action after the jump if you want to see how it works, and it is the coolest thing to happen to Lego since the Mindstorms NXT.

You will note how the Lego dragon can breathe “fire”, and how its flames can even set a house ablaze. I realize that you might not want your kids to play games like that, but don’t worry, a Lego fire engine is on standby to put the flames out.

I think the neatest thing about this is the Lego train and projected tracks that can be made by waving ones hand across the table. You will then notice that when the Lego train stops at a certain point, projected people get off.

Okay, after watching this video below, I challenge you to find something better today. Leave it in the comments box, and don’t let your neat thing be some Black Friday deal that you were fortunate to get today.


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