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LEGO Watch is a nostalgic timepiece

LEGO My Watch
One item that we can all relate to is the ever-present LEGO. It’s taken on more modern forms and made to relate to popular culture, but it’s still just a bunch of building blocks that you can create a whole new world with. Minecraft was tremendously popular because it held many of the same principles. It’s the mindset of ‘here are some things which with you can create and destroy at your leisure, have fun’.

Of course, they often came at a price (have you ever stepped on a LEGO?). Jokes aside, these hold a near and dear spot in many of our hearts. Seeing something related to this iconic product always brings a smile to our faces. If you want to wear that gentle reminder that you can create and make amazing things, the LEGO My Watch will definitely do that. It has all the bright primary-centric colors we grew up knowing, but has all the functionality of a digital watch.

Of course, it has an alarm, and is water resistant. Keep in mind that means you can wash your hands with it on, but not go for a swim. It’s made out of rubber, which is infinitely more comfortable than wearing hard plastic. It is a unisex watch, but will need to be worn by someone who doesn’t mind a few strange looks. This will only cost you $25, and is sure to brighten your day. Seeing that winter is coming, we’re all going to need this sort of pick-me-up in the colorless months.

Available for purchase on musemini, found via gizmodiva