Lego Speakers for iPhone and iPod

Lego Speakers for iPhone and iPod

It appears that Perpetual Kid, a site designed to “entertain your inner child”, has lived up to their slogan with the Lego speakers for the iPod and iPhone.

These Lego speakers have a connector that is fully compatible with the iPod Classic, Nano, and Mini. I can only assume that the sound comes out of those big plus signs that you see on the front. What you don’t see are the volume controls that are apparently “camouflaged” by design.

This contraption apparently requires no batteries, so I can only guess that it gets its power from the iPod or iPhone itself. This could result in a short time of use, but the site doesn’t say how long the Lego speaker will play off of a fully charged device.

Apparently, this is not a registered product of Lego, which makes me wonder if this brick could fit together with my other Lego bricks. I can think of some spaceship models that could be greatly improved by a little iPod attachment.

Maybe some of Lego maniacs out there can try it out, and let me know if it works. It is available at the Perpetual Kid site for about $24.99 in Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue, or White.


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