Lego Play and Build Nintendo Wii Remote

It’s rare that real life toys and virtual games can really come together in a way that’s complimentary to both items.  Thankfully, Lego is willing to mesh their plastic bricks with anything that holds still long enough.  Apparently the Wiimote wasn’t fast enough to escape being Lego-ized.

These Wii remotes will do all of the things you’d expect out of a Lego Wiimote.  It’ll work with your Nintendo Wii, plus it’ll allow for you to build on the remote to your heart’s content.  Of course I wouldn’t recommend going too Lego happy or you’ll suddenly find the remote extremely uncomfortable to grasp in your hand for long rounds of gaming.  You can pick up one of these for $39.99.  You will have to wait a little bit, these won’t actually be released until the 16th of this month.  To pre-order these you’ll just need to head over to Toys R Us.

Source:  GeeksAreSexy