Lego Mouse may not be ergonomic


Alright, we all know you don’t just grow out of your love of Legos.  You might as well quit trying to be a closet Lego lover and broadcast it to the whole world.  It’s not your fault that it’s the greatest toy ever created and it’s still incredibly appealing to grown ups.  With this mouse everyone will know where you stand on playing with kids toys no matter what your age.

This Lego mouse probably isn’t something that’s remotely ergonomic, but its sheer amount of awesomeness makes up for that.  The mouse has all the usual buttons including the left and right buttons as well as having a scroll wheel.  It hooks up through your USB port to either your PC or Mac.  The optical mouse only comes in bright red, so hopefully that’s the color you wanted.  You can purchase the mouse for $31.96 from Curiosite.

Source: NerdApproved