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LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock

LEGO can be one of the better investments for your little one whenever he/she yearns for a new toy, since a whole bag of colorful bricks can always be used over and over again to create a new “toy”, depending on the kind of imagination you have. Enter the LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock that is pretty self-explanatory actually, where it comes in the form of a LEGO minifig complete with a digital clock that has been embedded into the minifig’s stomach. You will have to be on the Dark Side this time around since you can only choose from Stormtrooper or Darth Vader designs at $29.99 a pop. You can be sure that Darth Vader will use the power of the Force to help you get out of bed during those cold mornings when you prefer to snuggle under the blanket. As for the Stormtrooper, imagine that he is zapping your ears with some sort of aural laser to keep those sleepy eyelids open! Measuring 8″ tall, this would make for the perfect nightstand companion.