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LEGO Lunchboxes carries the building blocks of your food

lego-lunchboxI know that times are hard, and even in Japan, salarymen who used to carry quite a fair amount of money to spend during lunch have now receive a whole lot less because their wives are doing a good job in managing the household budget. Many of them bring packed lunches to the office, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all, and so, one would need an appropriate lunchbox to go along with your station at the office. If you’re an engineer, why not settle for the $14.99 LEGO Lunchboxes?

Of course, while the LEGO Lunchboxes have been described to cater to those who are aged 3 and older, I am quite sure that there is a segment of adults out there who would find this to be extremely cute and worth bringing to the office pantry. This is a classic lunchbox that has been shaped to look like that of a 2×4 LEGO brick, where it will come in a choice of red or blue colors, although we would have liked to see more than just two color choices made available to the masses. This is LEGO that we are talking about after all, an idea of a toy that offers unlimited options and capabilities. Time to ditch that brown paper bag, don’t you think so?

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