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LEGO Keyboard is certainly irresistable

lego-keyboardThere is just something magical about these tiny little plastic bricks known as LEGO which are able to fit with one another perfectly, and removed easily to boot with but a single pry of the fingernail. All it takes is the imagination of a master builder in order to get the job done, wowing whoever lays their eyes on your masterpiece. Jason Allemann can be said to be one of those master builders, where he does carry an air of achievement around him, being famous for many of his LEGO creations in the past. This time around, it would be a fully functional LEGO keyboard that has captured the attention of the masses.

This LEGO keyboard was created using official LEGO pieces in addition to a circuit board from a standard keyboard (but of course). It is rather interesting to see the various kinds of substitutions that Jason has made concerning the various keys, including CAPS Lock, the Windows Key, as well as Print Screen. The working man’s hat makes it all too tempting to press each time you take a look at the LEGO keyboard, don’t you think so?