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Lego Ferris Wheel

Lego Ferris Wheel

I thought I would take the time to recommend a product for the Lego lover on your list. I realize that the Lego Millennium Falcon is at the top of any Lego lover’s list, but it might be out of your price range, as well as hard to find.

Therefore, I highly recommend the Lego Ferris Wheel. Some of you might wonder how Lego could make a Ferris Wheel, given the rather cubical bring nature of Legos. Well, you obviously haven’t seen Legos in the last ten years, as now they have curves.

The Ferris Wheel has some interesting set up so that you get a wheel that is kind of a complex octagon, but holds together really solid. What I really admired was the stand to put the Ferris wheel in, and I felt I could stand on it, and it could hold my weight.

Another bonus to the Lego Ferris Wheel is the motor that can make it go around. I feel like the motor is spinning quite a weight, as the wheel spins and slows, just like a real Ferris Wheel! However, most Ferris Wheels run on tractor motors anyway, this little motor has just about the same amount of power.

Anyway, you should get it for about $69.99 on the Lego Site itself, and I highly recommend you do.