Lego Donkey Kong is sort of charming

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! This is what we live for. When two forms of geek hobbies emerge as one, it has the potential to be a beautiful thing. If this wasn’t built using two key images from geek culture, we’d probably take a single glance and promptly run away before we had a chance to laugh in the designer’s face. Luckily for Lego enthusiast Dan Kressin, his Lego Donkey Kong replica fits the bill.

Using only Lego pieces, Dan Kressin recreated the original Donkey Kong screen, complete with living, breathing, kinetic movement. Kong throws barrels, just like in the actual game, while a depressingly sedentary Mario jumps up and down, avoiding the said barrels.

While it might not be the most consistent machine ever created (the barrels often get stuck on the inconsistently jumping Mario), we couldn’t help but fall in love with Kressin’s creation after we had the chance to view the replica in action. We’re sure the logistics of creating Donkey Kong out of Lego bricks sounds a lot easier than it is.

For your own look at the Lego Donkey Kong replica model, take a look at the video above. While it’s not exactly life altering, it’s still kinda entertaining. At least for a few seconds. Now, wouldn’t it be cool to get a life sized version? It might be a bit painful, but totally worth it.

Source via Nintendo Wii Fanboy