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LEGO Crazy Contraptions unleashes the inner engineer

lego-contraptionSome of us happen to want to live our dreams to be someone else, simply because the circumstances surrounding our lives did not manage to give us a chance to be able to land that dream job. However, with us having children, we might actually want to let our children live out our dreams. If you have always wanted to be an engineer but never really managed to achieve that dream, then the $21.95 LEGO Crazy Contraptions might be the thing to get for your little one this coming holiday season.

The LEGO Crazy Contraptions will boast of clear instructions, step-by-step diagrams, a cool 150 LEGO bricks and rubber bands, gears and axles for you to play around with. With that particular combination, you will be able to make up 16 different projects which will result in crazy contraptions that are capable of spinning, stretching or speeding. Heck, it might be meant for those who are aged 7 and above, but I am quite sure that adults themselves, too, would be interested in giving it a spin.