Lego, Alcatel, and Digital Blue Make Lego Phone

As a big fan of Lego, I have always wanted a functional phone that was made of Lego. I’m not sure how practical that would be, and only geeks would appreciate it.

Some recent photos have leaked out on popular tech blogs, revealing that the Lego phone is reality, and is the result of a partnership between Digital Blue, Alcatel, and the brick king itself.

As you can see, the plates on the phone are detachable, so you can choose from a plethora of keypad colors. I’m assuming the Lego can click on securely, and are not electronic in any way. By electronic, I am meaning that they aren’t like the motorized Lego bricks that can conduct electricity.

These new functions don’t look like you can click an MP3 player or camera to the Lego phone or anything. If you want, you can just purchase some of Bug Labs products for that type of functionality.

So, is this the beginning of cellular phones targeted at audiences that shouldn’t have cellular phones? If nothing else, you can use the Lego phones on your Lego projects, like sticking a Lego cell phone on your cool spaceship models.

Well, since these are leaked photos, there is no word on when it will be released. There is word of a price, but it is low for $20-60.