This LED Ring Light will make your photos look flawless


If you like photography, then you know there will always be more ways to up your game. Better lenses, camera bodies, and reflectors can make it so you don’t even need Photoshop at the end of the day. That doesn’t mean you won’t still use it to tweak this and that before posting it for the world to see, but it’s better to have a quality image to start off with.

Should you already have the camera of your dreams and want to start venturing into the world of lighting, a good flash can do wonders for outdoors, but when it comes to indoors, all of the lighting is setup by you. If you you don’t have much in your arsenal yet, this LimoStudio LED Ring Light should be able to help you out whether you’re doing portraits or product photography. It’s an LED circle light that will distribute the glow evenly so that every aspect of the subject matter is well illuminated. Faces appear flawless, products don’t have troubling shadows, and you can even dim the light if it’s a bit overkill.

This is an 18” ring that comes with a hot shoe mount so you can use the light stand as your tripod while you shoot. There are 240 LEDs, and thanks to the bulb type you won’t have to worry about it overheating or melting your model. You won’t want to invest in this $179.99 light unless you plan on getting your money’s worth out of it, but if money is burning a hole in you pocket, you can pull it out for family photos a few times a year or for the occasional vlog and it will definitely improve the quality ten-fold.