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LED Potion Desk Lamp powers you when the chips are down

led-potion-desk-lampWorking for long hours at an end can be quite tedious for many of us, which is why getting enough breaks in frequent doses are always essential to make sure that your productivity levels will remain at the optimum level. Having said that, here is something that you might want to check out in order to give your dreary office setting a boost – with the $39.99 LED Potion Desk Lamp. This truly unique desk lamp will have RPG fans flock to your cubicle when you start to use it, as they stand in reverent awe and wonder at seeing you gain +7 for your morale and the like.

Not only is it ideal for fans of RPGs, this color changing desk lamp will also appeal to those who have a soft spot for chemistry as well. This ThinkGeek creation and exclusive will be powered by a microUSB cable, although there is also an AC adapter that has been thrown into the mix just in case. A sensor located in the base will allow you to change the colors as well as modes based on touch alone, and if you would like to make things all the more dramatic, then speaking out a word or spell when you tap it would add to the overall realism. Needless to say, this is not one potion that you should imbibe in.