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LED Motherboard Christmas Tree – for the Festive Techie


Fa la la… I guess we’re pretty much out of time, but if you’re still looking to set the mood this holiday season, I can offer you just a few more ideas. If there’s a computer nerd on your wishlist, this might be just what you’re looking for. (or didn’t know you were looking for) A fabulous desktop ornament that radiates with nerdy-ness.

Check out the LED Motherboard Christmas Tree, this fabulous little tree is about 4 inches tall and is festooned with 16 super-bright LED lights that will flash and entertain you, and with extra green and yellow bulbs included in the kit, it does allow you some degree of customization.

Your Motherboard Christmas Tree is powered by a 9V battery, that also acts as the Christmas tree stand, and it also operates on 12V DC (like in your car) your new little tree is able to stand, or hang, and proudly announces to the world, I am a geek, and I’m  proud.

If you’d like a little techie tree on your desk this Christmas, you can still have one, just head over to and pony up around 13 bucks, but you’d better pay for expedited shipping, or you’ll probably be disappointed.