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LED Matrix Phone Case lets you make a cool statement

led-matrix-phone-casePurchasing a brand new phone is definitely a feeling that leaves us on top of cloud nine. After all, working with a new device is always a joyful experience, and this would also mean providing the relevant kind of protection to your handset against knocks and accidental drops. Gorilla Glass or not, the screen of the modern day smartphone is not as hardy as the plastic covers of the old Nokia’s, that is for sure. Well, why not bring your smartphone out in style as a nightbird with the $49.99 LED Matrix Phone Case?

The LED Matrix Phone Case will sport a vibrant blue LED display that is achieved thanks to 300 LED lamp beads. It will play nice only with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models, so if you happen to be rocking to handsets that are not one of the two, you’re out of luck. With the LED Matrix Phone Case, you can program your phone case to show off text, graphics, animation, a clock, or even incoming calls. The internal battery will be juiced up separately from but alongside your phone itself. The free companion app would need iOS 7.1 to run, and the on//off button on the case itself helps to preserve battery life. This is more of a cosmetic addition than pure protection, but it sure as heck is pretty cool!