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LED Light Gloves makes life easier

led-light-gloveGloves are pretty handy things to have around the home. You will need them when you engage in gardening, or perhaps some heavy duty Do It Yourself projects in order to protect your hands and fingers from nasty cuts or abrasions. Apart from that, gloves are also extremely useful when the temperature drops as the seasons change, and are also used in certain sports. has recently announced the launch of the patented KC Performance LED Light Glove, which is a multipurpose pair of gloves that ought to make life easier for everyone.

Proudly designed and engineered in the USA, the patented KC LED Light Gloves is the culmination of form, fit, and function when it comes to gloves. This pair of LED Gloves will be able to provide you with the degree of versatility that you require in order to light up every job at hand, all while freeing up your hands to do what it actually set out to do! This patented technology will merge a custom made Kevlar stitched glove alongside a cutting-edge LED light strip that boasts of half a dozen LEDs, complete with high/low settings for varied brightness to suit the situation.

The LEDs are capable of delivering either 124 lumens on the low setting or 240 lumens of brightness on the high setting, all the while offering up to 20 hours of non-stop use. It will be powered by by a pair of Lithium Coin Cell batteries, which means changing those when it starts to run out of juice is a snap. Do expect to be able to pick up this pair of gloves in two versions: the full finger or fingerless varieties, while size options include Large or Extra Large. Definitely useful for a wide variety of situations including hunting, fishing, night walking, safety, plumbing jobs, biking, camping, and many others.

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