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LED Keyboard

Loads of programs have different uses for different keys, especially games. Wouldn’t it be really cool if every key was like a mini LCD screen and the contents of it would change depending on what program you were using.

Well the smart people at Art. Lebedev Studio are on the case and have a prototype. It looks pretty swish and will be on many gadgeteers shopping lists when it’s released.

You can be editing images one minute with

then if you fancy a bit of fragging switch to quake mode

10 thoughts on “LED Keyboard”

  1. That’s pretty sweet! I don’t know if I’d want something like that but it’s really nifty. Sometimes it’s fun to see what technology can do without participating, you know?

  2. Definitely something I want. It would be a lot of help especially since I use 3d software. Great piece of hardware, I can’t wait till they start selling them.

  3. really cool, I’ve been waiting for this sucker to get mass produced for a while. But, correct me if I’m wrong, shouldn’t it be an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) keyboard, instead of a LED (Light Emitting Diode) keyboard? I thought LED referred solely to a single diode like you would find on a keychain flashlight.

  4. Alex, i think it should be TFTLCD then, since normal LCD is monochrome, however, TFTLCD is color too :p

  5. You’re both wrong. It’s an array of very tiny LED’s which are all capable of displaying any color. Thus a very tiny example of a jumbotron.

    TV’s will soon be made like this which will reduce the thickness of the entire unit to just a few millimeters.

  6. @Soni expecting more from this site? Look at how old the comments are. You just bamped a 6 year old archived post. Thanks a lot.

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