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The LED Clock Fan cools you off and keeps you

LED Clock Fan

When sitting at your desk working long hours, there are normally two different situations you have to deal with. It is either sweltering hot, or freezing cold. Your computer is always going to prefer it cold, and it’s also easier to deal with as you can put on layers, but when it’s hot it’s just…terrible. There are only so many articles of clothing you can take off.

If you need a little help keeping cool, then getting a USB fan might help your situation. Of course, it would be nice it if it could do a little more than one task. This LED Clock Fan will be able to show you the time thanks to LEDs that are built into the the two soft fan blades. While spinning, the light changes, and changes the time with it.

This has a stand, and uses a flexible goose neck so you can angle the fan in any direction you choose. There are obviously no batteries or charging needed, as it will have to be plugged into your computer for it to work. This will cost you around $19, and features red clock hands with a green clock face. There are no settings to adjust the speed as it can’t move any slower or faster due to the clock aspect. This may only further your cold/hot situation as you have no control over how fast the fan works, but if all else fails there are always other options.

Available for purchase on red5