LED Alarm Clock will charge your phone at night


As time goes on, the devices around us get more and more complicated. Our phones can perform hundreds of tasks, our mice want to do more than just move the cursor on the screen, and even our clocks aren’t just limited to displaying the time, and waking us up in the morning. But sometimes you don’t need all of the bells-and-whistles.

Sure, this LED Alarm Clock with USB Outlet has one extra function, but it’s a pretty useful one. Usually we have to have a special dock for our phone, or just plug it into the wall, when we want to charge it overnight. However, this simple clock gives you the opportunity to charge any USB device without tying up another outlet.

The clock is about as basic as they come. The digits are displayed in red LEDs, and you can set an alarm to get you out of bed. If the power goes out, the three AA batteries (not included) will keep it going, so that you don’t miss work in the morning. Finally, the two USB ports can be used to charge phones, tablets, and anything else you need. The $78 price does seem a bit steep, since it only adds the one function to an otherwise ordinary clock.

Source: 7Gadgets


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