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The Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles keep you on track to meet your goals

Lechal Smart Navigation System

We are making our gadgets and gizmos more and more streamlined to the point where you can’t even tell when we’re using them. Fifty years ago people would’ve thought you were insane if you talked into a cell phone, and relegated it to the work of demons. Even now we have Bluetooth headsets so we don’t even have to hold the phone up to our ears.

If you are all about secret tech, then these Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles are going to be the new must-have. These are insoles that will accurately track your fitness by measuring steps taken, calories burnt, distanced traveled and more. No need to have your smartphone in your hand or pocket because these up picking up their data from each and every step. In addition to giving you more detailed fitness reports, you’ll also get navigation guidance through vibrations and simple patterns.

You’ll be able to go¬†down the street in a town you’ve never visited before and walk with confidence to your destination. These come in small, which fit a Men’s 5-8 or a Women’s 6-10, or a large which accommodates a Men’s 9-12 or a Women’s 11-12. This consists of the insoles and buckles, and you can use one or the other to collect your information. It’s not cheap at around $134, but it has a battery life of around 15 days, and should be a bit less of a burden on your style than a wristband, ring, or necklace fitness tracker.

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