Leather wrist strap doubles as USB cable

WirelessGround USB Leather Hand Strap

I’m a bit strange when it comes to my cell phone. I don’t have a fancy case, nor do I keep a strap attached to it. I used to have a holster for it, however, I’m a bit clumsy and had a tendency to bump it into just about ever table, chair and doorway that I walked near. The result were some badly banged up corners on my cell phone. Instead I choose to just toss it in one of my cargo pockets and go about my business. Of course, there are plenty of people who choose to keep their phone tethered to a strap, and if you don’t mind using one, you just might be able to use it to charge and sync your cell phone.

The WirelessGround USB Leather Hand Strap from PQI looks like most straps, except for the somewhat bulky-looking box attached to it. That little box actually hides a mini-USB connector and a standard male USB connector. This can then be used to sync and charge most mobile phones with a mini-USB jack. If you like having a wrist strap attached to your phone, you might want to check this out. It will only set you back $19.95.

Source: Gear Diary