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LeapReader will give kids a leg up with reading and writing


It came as a bit of a shock to find out that elementary schools are not teaching cursive anymore aside from a signature for checks. Writing is a form of art (calligraphy for example), and the way you write can say a lot about you. There is actually a line of study called graphology that exists solely to study and analyze handwriting. That being said, you would think that more emphasis would be placed on writing, especially in the early years. As sad as it is, much information that we learned at a young age is no longer being taught. Reading and writing will always be important though, and no matter what curriculum is ‘current’, you can take steps to make sure your kids are at least learning the bare minimum.

The LeapReader will help your child with sounding out words, practicing how to write legibly, and more. This fancy pen has no ink, but will let them write on ‘learning paper’. This will assist with every stroke so they know exactly what they’re doing. As they hover over letters or characters in the book, it will sound it out or announce what it is.

There are a myriad of audio books from classics to popular children’s literature to help your little one through the learning process. Of course, the $50 you’ll spend on this pen is likely going to increase as you’ll want to get additional books, games, and more. You can choose green, blue, or purple accents, and you’ll need to remember to keep it charged. It’s sad, but even at a college level people are struggling with grammar, spelling, and writing. Many rely on typing, and if we’re not careful, writing could become alternative method of communication.

The LeapReader is available at LeapFrog

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